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North Nibley C of E Primary School

Young Voices 2022


It’s difficult to describe the levels of excitement and joy which is Young Voices. Being part of a 5,500 strong choir is certainly something that the children will not forget. From that magical moment, as you reach the top of the steps and see the vast scale of the area open up before you, to the fading away of the last note, it is a really special day. Before the concert began, Ellie was ‘bursting with excitement’. Sophia thought the lighting was ‘really cool’ and Xander said “The beat-boxers blew my mind”

Special thank are due to Mrs Pullin, who masterminded our rehearsals, and Mrs Kirby for all the administration.

In a short while links to our videos will appear HERE!

VIDEO 1 – O Fortuna

VIDEO 2 – Beat Box

VIDEO 3 – Urban Strides

VIDEO 4 – Never Enough

VIDEO 5 – Mambo Italiana

VIDEO 6 – Living Years

VIDEO 7 – Pop Medley Part 1

VIDEO 8 – Pop Medley Part 2

VIDEO 9 – Pop Medley Part 3