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North Nibley C of E Primary School

Our Curriculum Rationale

This is one of three pages on our curriculum.

  • Curriculum Rationale – This page! How the Early Years Foundation Stage, the National Curriculum, our context, our priorities and our values work together.
  • Curriculum Design –  Our Long Term Plan and the scope and sequence of our curriculum, with year-end expectations for learning.
  • Curriculum Support – Our current topic plans, letters and guides for parents, advice on national tests and homework!

The thinking behind our unique curriculum

This ‘wheel’ represents our thinking about the organisation of learning within North Nibley C of E Primary. Starting in the centre, we looked at the opportunities presented by our local context (geography, history etc) and identified needs that were apparent in the children’s character and understanding.

We added our adopted Christian Values, which we would use to ‘flavour’ the curriculum, and onto these we built the national, statutory curriculum (the content we must teach). Finally we thought about the outcomes we wanted for the children as independent learners.

Pupil Outcomes

Through everything that we do, planned, incidental and relational, we work towards enabling each child to:

  • Be organised
  • ‘Have a go’
  • Concentrate
  • Push myself
  • Support others
  • Show excellent manners
  • Enjoy success

This wheel helps illustrate our  personalised curriculum, responsive to our unique environment, our unique children and our own aspirations for their futures.


Learning to read through ‘PHONICS’

A link to our page on phonics

The National Curriculum at North Nibley C of E Primary School

THE PRIMARY NATIONAL CURRICULUM in full can be accessed here –