to North Nibley C of E Primary School
Our Vision is to inspire and celebrate
learning, achievement, faith and fun.
Ours will be a school that works in partnership with the community to enable and equip each child to “live life to the full” (The Gospel of John, Chapter 10, Verse 10), reflecting the Christian values of our foundation.
Our Vision
An environment that supports learning
Outstanding Achievement in Sport
A values-focused ethos
Living life in all its fullness!
Leaver’s Lunch 2021
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At North Nibley Church of England Primary School we do our best to make our vision, to inspire and celebrate learning, achievement, faith and fun, a daily reality for all members of our community. Read more about our vision, Christian values and ethos here. Paul Batchelor, Head Teacher

What people say...

A parent said...
We are super-proud of how well our child has progressed this year.

Sports Day

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Our Curriculum

What do we teach, and when? What do we expect as learning outcomes? It's all here!


We provide plenty of support for families, online and in person

School Results

We aim for consistently good results, plan for every child to achieve their best, and know that not everything we value is measured with tests.

Church-School Values

We've adopted positive, life-affirming values based on the life and teachings of Jesus - "Life in all it's fullness."


Read what Inspectors found about us when they last visited.

Other highlights

Supporting the school in prayer

Prayer of the day.
Our School Prayer: Dear God, Thank you that at North Nibley School we have a place where we can belong. We thank you for our friends, our homes and our families. As we learn how to live, we are sorry for the mistakes we make. Help us to remember that we are all special to you. Help us to treat others with care and compassion. Give us generous hearts, a forgiving nature, a respectful attitude and a hope for the future. Please bless our school, so that we might be a blessing to all who come through its doors. We ask in Jesus` name, Amen