School Policies

Policies currently undergoing review can be found at the bottom of this page.

A paper-based copy of these documents can be provided free-of-charge on request.

Key Policies In Alphabetical Order

Acceptable Use of IT (Code of Conduct) – 2020

Admissions Policy 2021-2022 – DETERMINED (See also “Admissions – Exceeding PAN Protocol”, below)

Admissions Policy 2022-2023 – DETERMINED(See also “Admissions – Exceeding PAN Protocol”, below)

Admissions – Exceeding PAN protocol 2021

Allegations of Abuse Against School Staff 2020

Anti-bullying Anti-hate Anti-radicalisation 2021

Anti-Fraud policy 2020

Appraisal and Capability of Staff 2021

Attendance 2021

Behaviour In School Policy 2020

Behaviour Principles – Written Statement 2017

Capability – See “Appriasal and Capability” above.


Charging, Remissions and Debt Management 2020

Children Missing Education 2021

Child Protection Policy and Procedures 2021

Collective Worship 2018

Complaints Policy 2019

Confidentiality Policy 2021 DRAFT

Data Protection Policy 2020

Designated Teacher (Children-In-Care) 2020

E-Safety Policy 2021 

Early Help – a webpage of support


Early Years Foundation Stage 2021

Equalities and Schemes, including Accessibility 2018

Exclusions 2020

Finance Policy 2020 

First Aid Policy 2019

Freedom Of Information 2018

A DRAFT update for our Freedon Of Information Policy can be found below.


Governor’s Allowances Policy – schemes for paying  2019


Home School Expectations 2021

Homework March 2019

Intimate Care 2021


Lone Working Policy 2021

Mental Health and Well-being 2019

Newly Qualified Teacher – Induction Policy 2020

Pay Policy 2020-21

Positive Handling (Physical Restraint) Policy 2012


Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2021

Religious Education Policy 2018

Remote Teaching and Learning Policy 2021

Safer Recruitment, Staff Selection and Induction 2020

Safer Working Practices (ONLINE PUBLICATION)

Social Media Policy 2021 

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy 2021

Spiritual Development Policy 2019

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy 2019

Staff Code of Conduct 2020

Staff Discipline, Conduct And Grievance Policy 2020

Statement_of_Entitlement in R.E._2016

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions, including Those Who Cannot Attend 2020

Volunteer Handbook & Code of Conduct 2020

Whistleblowing Policy 2020

Working Together to Safeguard Children (ONLINE PUBLICATION)

We can provide copies for you to take away. Please contact the office for details.




Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions, including Those Who Cannot Attend 2020

Freedom Of Information 2021 DRAFT

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