Years 1 & 2 visit S.S. Great Britain


As part of their studies based around Isambard Kingdom Brunel (and supporting our ‘local’ curriculum offer and programme around British Values) Years 1 & 2 went on a trip around the Steam Ship Great Britain on Wednesday. We had a tour around the decks and the engine, the galley and the sleeping quarters. The weather was perfect and we were able to eat our lunch outside. In the afternoon we took part in a workshop about 1843 and the launch of the S. S. Great Britain which at the time was the biggest ship in the world.

After a bit of time travelling the children helped to build the ship (which Mrs Lewis described as “A riveting experience!”) and finally we dressed up in period costume to take part in the launch party. Ollie said “We saw a massive picture of S. S. Great Britain. On board when it was hot and smelly there were sometimes fights.”

Sophie remembers the “Big, big propeller at the back.”

Hannah said she enjoyed seeing the model people (manikins) posed around the ship. Grace preferred the golden decorations around the bow and stern. Poise said “I learnt about the rats in the kitchen. They had ships biscuits. I saw lots of beds too.”

Delphie said “They kept live animals on deck for food to be eaten later on their long journey.”

The children all did brilliantly, learnt a lot and had fun. Enjoy the photos, including a large number taken by the children.

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