Works Requiring Attention 2021


Item Notes
Front of school  
Replace Office signs on wall (“Reception”) x 2 Task with Mrs Kirby
Paint wood preserve front wooden gate  
Improve padlock for skips  
Secure right hand post of fence  
Replace main notice board Several hundred pounds!
And fencing behind the skip  
Replace missing scooter hooks We have these
Oil the hinges on 13 gates (All around the school)  
Replace doorbell cable to staffroom (high up)  (black not white)  
Secure additional bike rack with deep vertical pins  
Broken stone wall? Monitor
Fishpond area  
Clean the FONNS sign on the fishpond/garden wall  
Pond Gate – reverse the gate / hinges and add a securing latch.  
Trim the tree, esp road overhang and high up (approaching electric cables) Safe ladders needed
Weed / nettles in the garden  
Class 1 – External outdoor learning area  
Remove redundant vertical posts around ‘missing’ blackboard  
Bracket vertical posts to school wall Ideas needed
Clear ‘drain’ from the pebble pool (ground level)  
Remodel the sandpit cover to make more portable  
Trim sharp edges of playhouse ‘eaves’  
Repair window shutter on the front of the playhouse  
Quiet area – Rear of school  
Replace rotten posts  
Weed planters  
Sports notice board – marine ply rear of board and clean (Showcase shield)  
Possible to  move Class 4’s PE Shed left 5 inches?  
Railings down from Classroom 4 need tightening  
Add plinth to bottom of ‘colourful shed’ step I have suitable decking
Add ‘barrier’ to access the rear of the play shed I have suitable fence
Rear steps (all around) – paint yellow threshold lines We have the paint
Rear steps – bannisters Mr B has a plan!
Weed-kill all perimeter, esp bases of walls  
Blackboard paint – for chalkboard and vertical jump  
Make a copy of the ‘FONNS GATE’ key  
Tunnel area – lower the ‘exit’ mat on one side  
Concrete curb over septic tank – make safe Advice needed please
Replace broken flag stones near the lodge  
Remove ‘POLINATION GARDEN’ lettering  
Remount fire assembly point sign The sign is with Mrs Kirby
Paint remaining line around the table tennis table  
Boards to be added below the rear fence (as a ball stopper)  
Make safer the pointy corners on the shed roofs  
Remove the odd plank on the side of colourful shed  
Tighten Climbing Wall hand/foot grips Use special tool in Mr B’s office
Replace ceiling tiles above rear cloakroom We have these in stock
Mount a door in the boiler cupboard Specialist?
Hall – mount better notice board above book shelf We have these in stock
Hall – Shelf needed for pens under whiteboard  
Hall – repair spring door closer (external doors)  
Hall – Dangling blind cords to be made safe  
Lobby – Dangling blind cords to be made safe  
All classrooms – Tighten all chairs and stools  
Classroom 3 – adapt and fix better whiteboard  
Classroom 3 – remove redundant wiring from ceiling Specialist working at height
Classroom 4 – remove redundant wiring from ceiling Specialist working at height
Classroom 4 – exterior door needs a trim along the bottom edge  
Throughout – Fingershield guards on doors See door plan
Exit to pond – replace bottom sliding bolt  
Office – Reverse the main door, hinges on the right Specialist?
Atrium – dismantle roof, power wash and replace A job for several people
Atrium – Pressure wash the paving slabs  


Works Requiring Attention 2019

Dear Supporters,

On Saturday 23 parents arrived at school to support a grand clear-up and general maintenance ‘day’. Areas were tidied, painted, plumbed, cut back, cleaned and made safe. There were also around 10 children who  mucked in. We progressed quickly and were able to tackle many additional jobs not on the list (I had anticipated 7 in total, so the soup didn’t go quite as far as intended! ) Wotton Farm Shop and Kitt’s Green nursery also supported with the donation of plants to help us look fresh.The school looks superb, and I am very grateful.

Below you can find the list of outstanding jobs for next time!

Mr Batchelor.

Works requiring attention - June 2019 (80 downloads)