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Term One, Week Six

The question of how much to tell parents about the detail of school life can sometimes be at odds with the need present simply and clearly the successes of the school.

This dilemma was thrown into focus this week by the matter of school finance. The truth is that expectation about what the school can do is rising, fuelled by media and the promises of politicians. (No government will ever be elected on a promise to keep standards where they are!) I guess to a certain extent our own self promotion also leads people to take excellence for granted.

My own inclination is for openness and transparency wherever possible. Still, it would seem that no-one was asking the question “How are we doing during these difficult financial times?” I felt it would be helpful to put the cuts and current struggles into context. Who knew we received less than  £3,000 per child, per year? Some people expect North Nibley to deliver services and  results comparable to places which are funded on twice or three times that amount. What couldn’t we do with double the money!

Parents have been asking “Why isn’t there office support at the end of the day?” Quite simply it is not yet affordable – unless we reduce the support that is provided to the children. So whilst it is inconvenient for some families, I am satisfied that the priorities are right.

My finance newsletter ‘special’ finished with a list of ways in which families can help. Please re-read this from time to time, because the school’s continued success is, now more than ever, dependent on the efforts of all of us.

And how great was it to finish on that positive note – the extention on Miss Allen’s hours? Let’s hope and pray our committment and optimism are well founded. Clearly this needs to translate into a healthy reception year group for 2013. Again, what you say and how you say it makes a real difference.

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