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Term One, Week Seven

Half-term already! How times flies when you are having fun and being busy! 

There are so many changes on the way that teachers are having to attend many meetings, training and updates at this time. As a school that believes in life-long learning, it’s important that children know we are learners too. This week all the teachers attended a reminder course on Fire Safety. Mr Tomkins is our new Maths Subject Leader. He attended a conference last week and has returned brimming with ideas. Miss Wright spent a day finding out about mentoring role now required in school and I attended an English Subject Leader day. High on the list of changes are the ‘new’ tests (last year’s Phonics screening, next year’s new Writing assessment and new Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation tests). Teachers need to know what is required to prepare for them, and how we can ensure that our children are not disadvantaged. But the biggest changes are yet to come with the new National Curriculum, for implementation in September 2014. Draft orders for English, Maths and Science are out, with some significant differences in content and approach. The new curriculum proposes the removal of Levels to describe pupil attainment.

What will replace this system? How will progress be measured? These questions are being asked, but there are no answers yet! No doubt we will have more to learn in the future. Life-long learners indeed! Enjoy half-term. Come back and tell me something that you’ve learnt.

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