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Term One, Week One


I’m so grateful to the staff for the extra hours they have all put in to making the school fit for a really good start back for the children. The classrooms, with their new carpets (thank you, Music Festival grant) look fabulous! Reception children had a magical first few days with Miss Allen, the new Class One teacher, and the only tears on Friday reflect the tiredness that always occurs after the first few days back at work – or is that just me! We have 99 on roll now, though the hall felt a little empty without the Reception children there in our ‘open assembly’ timer together. Birthdays were celebrated and notices given. Then we all ‘buiilt a school’ using wooden blocks, whilst I shared thoughts about how a real school functions, and how the school community ‘works together’. I talked for far too long, so we went without a song, and then the week was over. It’s business as usual next week. Welcome back!

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  1. The new carpets make the rooms look so much bigger and a really exciting place for the children to learn.
    I can’t believe that you talked too much in the Friday assembly……!

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