Class 2 have been learning that things on the internet are not always true.

We had fun making up some ‘nonsense’ statements.

Barnaby – Eyes can walk.
Poppy – I eat 9000 shoes for breakfast!
Jonah – I eat 1000 elephants for breakfast!
Freya – Guineapigs can fly!
Ngaire – People have 8 legs.
Trudy – Elephants have 8 legs!
Tillie – All butterflies are white.
Lydia – I have a pet T-rex!
Maddy – Pens have 5 legs!
Hannah – I am a werewolf!
Ted – Apples can swim!
Joe – People can swim on elephants.
Erin – Pandas eat anything, even table legs.
George – Motorbikes can fly to space!
Posey – Cows can fly!
Eden – Everytime I go to school I have rubbers in my lunchbox!
Oliver – Monkeys have 10 eyes!
Isabelle – I ate a dustbin for breakfast.
Ava – Apples can fly!
Annabelle – This is how you spell “Me” A-N-N-A-B-E-L-L-L-L-L-L-E”
Alexander – poos can fly.
Ryder – Elephants have 16 legs.
Olive – I ate the TV for breakfast!
Rebecca – Bees can’t fly!