Meet the Staff

Paul Batchelor, Head Teacher

I am responsible for leading the school, working with the children, the staff, the governors and the wider community to secure the best primary school experience possible. In addition to assemblies and playground duties, I have a timetabled teaching commitment enabling me to teach every child within the school. It’s still the best part of the job!

Paula Kirby

I work in the school office, answering the phone (01453 542600), I support parents, children and staff, organise trips and order lunches. I work hard to make sure that everyone knows what is going on, so that the school runs smoothly.

Julie Bargewell

I support the financial needs of a busy school, processing orders and running the day-to-day finances. I prepare reports for governors and advise on future directions.

Becky Allen, Class 1 Teacher

Every day in Class 1 is special because we are always discovering and learning new things, mainly through play. The children learn so quickly and it's great to be part of that learning experience!

Di Findlay

Teaching Assistant

Deb Harvey

Teaching Assistant

Abi Tyers, Class 2 Teacher

As Class 2's teacher I enjoy engaging children in all aspects of their learning through creative teaching approaches. I look forward to understanding each child's personality and teaching them the skills needed to become increasingly independent learners.

Helen Chapman

Teaching Assistant

Abbie Parker, Class 3 Teacher

As Class Three’s teacher I am excited to work with this age group and bring creativity and enthusiasm to the classroom. I look forward to helping the children develop their skills as well as their learning.

Carrie Roberts

Teaching Assistant

Becci Surridge, Class 4 Teacher

As Class 4's teacher I enjoy working with the children in their last two years of Primary, helping them to fulfil their potential, equipping them with skills and confidence to continue their education into secondary school.

Claire Pullin

Teaching Assistant

Alison Dixon, Specialist PE Teacher

As a primary school PE specialist I believe in providing our children with numerous opportunities, both in lesson time and through extra-curricular activities, to become physically competent and confident. I also encourage positive attitudes toward an active and healthy lifestyle.

Nicola Dickson

Teaching Assistant – Sport

Annie Marsh

Mid-Day Supervisor

Sarah Reed

Mid-Day Supervisor

Tracy Gage

Mid-Day Supervisor

Alice Lewis

Mid-Day Supervisor

Mary Iscar