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North Nibley / ST Anne’s Partnership agreement


“Sharing ideas and perspectives to increase understanding and action.”


We have been entered into this partnership in order to support the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes for living successfully and responsibly in an interdependent world.



  • To build a relationship between our schools in order to exchange information and to understand each other’s cultures
  • To build awareness of the importance of the environment and to learn how to improve and sustain it for good health
  • To commit to regular communication
  • To share good practice and learn from colleagues in other countries
  • To develop a shared scheme of work / series of lessons on how to achieve a healthy future
  • To develop awareness within our pupils of their responsibilities as global citizens of the future with an understanding of global development goals.


  • To exchange information and promote understanding in our agreed areas
  • To share the curriculum, culture and arts of each school and community and to celebrate creativity and enrich the experiences of the children and schools.



1) Work will be exchanged 3 times each year

2) An application will be made for a Global Curriculum Project Grant so that teachers from each school will be able to travel to their partner school

3) Over the next 3 years we will develop the following themes :

  1. a) Healthy Living and the lives of children – to look at water supply, food and medicines ,
  2. b) Weather and the Environment – to include food and farming , local geography and conservation
  3. c) Creative arts and society – to include literature , dance music, social studies and religion



  • Each partner school will complete report forms following reciprocal visits
  • All forms will be completed by each school in order to apply for funding
  • Schools will e-mail each other once per month

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