School Memories – Collection

Memories of our school, submitted by our community.


Author Donna Findlay

Calendar year of memory 1987

Age whilst at school 4-11

Memory I have so many happy memories of North Nibley Primary School: the cold milk costing 5p at break and wanting to be the milk monitor; sailing and canoeing every Friday at South Cerney with Mr Fisk; impromptu nature walks with magnifying glasses and sticks; the hard chocolate crunch and pink custard for dessert; making black ice patches for sliding on in the snow and last, but not least, my Nan, Edna Purnell, teaching us poetry and knitting during rainy lunchtimes inside. The arrival of a single BBC computer was also very exciting, as was rolling out the TV on wheels! What a joy it was to be able to ring the bell at break – and answer the school phones if no-one was in the office. I can’t imagine that happening today. School productions, including Noah’s Ark, and trips to the music festivals with Mrs Baxter were also a lot fun. I developed my love of netball there, too, as well as creative writing and went on to be a journalist and now English teacher. Many of my ancestors went to school and I still love to walk past and look at where we used to play under the holly tree and by the ‘new’ room. What treasured memories we have of Nibley school! Now, my mum, Diana, who also went to the school, is a teaching assistant there so there is still a connection!