Relationships Education

From September 2020, all primary schools will be required to teach Relationships Education. Schools will be required to have a policy, published on their website, setting out how they intend to approach the subject. (They will also be required to teach Health Education – they are not required to have a policy on this, but may do so if they wish.) The regulations require that primary schools to consult on their Relationships Education policy. 

Both parents and schools play a key role in the education of children. Parents should therefore be encouraged to be involved in their child’s education in schools. Schools deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that will prepare pupils for life in modern Britain. Constructive dialogue between schools and parents about that curriculum, as well as other aspects of the school’s activities, supports mutual understanding and ultimately benefits the progress of pupils.

Consultation is a process by which an organisation, over a specific period of time, seeks the opinions of relevant people about particular activities or proposals, to better understand their views and take them into account when making final decisions. For schools, consultation is about them providing formal channels through which parents can express their views about certain aspects of the school’s work. Consultation is more commonly thought of in schools as parental engagement.


Below are some key documents you might find useful.


  Relationships_Education__Relationships_and_Sex_Education__RSE__and_Health_Education (125 downloads)


Proposed new policy and scheme

Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2020 - DRAFT (104 downloads)


Our Existing Policy

Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2018