Our Curriculum – Art

This table details what will be taught and when, though since children develop at different speeds, some will be more proficient than others against these YEAR-END expectations for learning in Art. Back to our Curriculum Wheel –>

Generating ideas Applying / Making Evaluating Knowledge
Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1
Recognise that ideas can be expressed in art work. Openly experiment with a range of materials. Try out a range of materials and processes and recognise that they have different qualities. Use materials purposefully to achieve particular characteristics or qualities. Show interest in and describe what they think about the work of others. Know how to recognise and describe some simple characteristics of different kinds of art, craft and design.
Generating ideas Applying / Making Evaluating Knowledge
Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2
Try out different activities and make sensible choices about what to do next. Use drawing to record ideas and experiences. Deliberately choose to use particular techniques for a given purpose. Develop and exercise some care and control over the range of materials they use. (for instance, they do not accept the first mark but seek to refine and improve). When looking at creative work express clear preferences and give some reasons for these (for instance, be able to say “I like that because…”). Know the differences and similarities within the work of artists, craftspeople and designers in different times.
Generating ideas Applying / Making Evaluating Knowledge
Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3
Gather and review information, references and resources related to their ideas and intentions. Use a sketchbook for different purposes, including recording observations, planning and shaping ideas. Develop practical skills by experimenting with, and testing the qualities of a range of different materials and techniques. Select, and use appropriately, a variety of materials and techniques in order to create the desired effect. Take the time to reflect upon what they like and dislike about their art in order to improve it. Know about and describe the work of some artists, craftspeople, architects or designers.
Generating ideas Applying / Making Evaluating Knowledge
Year 4 Year 4 Year 4 Year 4 Year 4 Year 4
Select and use relevant resources and references to develop their ideas. Use sketchbooks, and drawing, purposefully to improve understanding, inform ideas and plan for an outcome. (for instance, sketchbooks will show several different versions of an idea and how research has led to improvements in their proposed outcome.) Investigate the nature and qualities of different materials and processes systematically. Apply the technical skills they are learning to improve the quality of their work. (for instance, in painting they select and use different brushes for different purposes) Regularly reflect upon their own work, and use comparisons with the work of others (pupils and artists) to identify how to improve. Know about and describe some of the key ideas, techniques and working practices of a variety of artists, crafts makers, architects and designers that they have studied.
Generating ideas Applying / Making Evaluating Knowledge
Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5
Engage in open ended research and exploration in the process of initiating and developing their own personal ideas. Confidently use sketchbooks for a variety of purposes including: for visual continuity, recording observations; developing ideas; testing materials; planning and recording information. Confidently investigate and exploit the potential of new and unfamiliar materials (for instance, try out several different ways of using tools and materials that are new to them). Use their acquired technical expertise to make work which effectively reflects their ideas and intentions. Regularly analyse and reflect on their progress taking account of what they hoped to achieve. Evaluating their work as they’re doing it and making changes as necessary to improve the overall quality. Research and discuss the ideas and approaches of a various artists, craftspeople, designers and architects, taking account of their particular cultural context and intentions.
Generating ideas Applying / Making Evaluating Knowledge
Year 6 Year 6 Year 6 Year 6 Year 6 Year 6
Independently develop a range of ideas which show curiosity, imagination and originality. Systematically investigate, research and test ideas and plans using sketchbooks and other appropriate approaches. (for instance, Sketchbooks will show in advance how work will be produced and how the qualities of materials will be used) Independently take action to refine their technical and craft skills in order to improve their mastery of materials and techniques. Independently select and effectively use relevant processes in order to create successful and finished work. Provide a reasoned evaluation of both their own and professionals’ work which takes account of the starting points, intentions and context behind the work. How to describe, interpret and explain the work, ideas and working practices of some significant artists, craftspeople, designers and architects taking account of the influence of the different historical, cultural and social contexts in which they worked.