Young Voices 2018

Young Voices 2018!

Joss writes: “On the Friday the 12th of January 2018 some of North Nibley School went to Birmingham to participate in Young Voices. We arrived in Birmingham about 1:00 pm. Then we found our seats and started to eat lunch. After about half an hour later we started rehearsals, it took about 2 and a half hours! Eventually the rehearsal finished and we ate our dinner. We had to bring 2 water bottles because there was a lot of singing to do. Finally, at about 7:00 pm the concert started, it looked amazing with all our Young Voices T-shirts and Young Voices light up key rings! The concert included these people: Alfie Sheard, The Magnets and Natalie Williams! We got to sing songs with them as well, it was an incredible experience! Hopefully we get to do this next time!”



Other children made the following comments:

Sophie R            The torches shining

Ruby H                   Special guests – Urban Strides – were really cool.

                                We all really enjoyed it – thank you!

Posie                      I liked where we were singing and other people were singing.

                                After we did it, I had a croaky voice.

Alice B                   I liked it when we were singing together with people we didn’t know.

Georgia                I LOVED dancing with the Urban Striders because it was everyone doing it, including the parents having a go.

Olivia                     All the songs were really good.

Grace                    I liked when the parents were watching us and we were jumping up and down. It was like a big concert with famous singers.

Catherine            I liked all the different lights turning our shirts different colours – when the other side sang and we had the echo.

                                The movie-night dance with Urban Strides was awesome because, with the light sabres, it went out one by one and ended on a cliffhanger…

Amelie d                I liked when The M4gnets came onto the stage.

Erin                        I liked when we were doing the clicking – it felt like we were in a storm with 6789 children all doing it together.

Hannah                 When we were learning we had Natalie singing on CD, but there we had her live!

Lara                        Just Natalie Williams – she was just extraordinary, yessir!

                                I liked movie night too – my dad couldn’t stop talking about it!

Beea                       I liked the dancing – doing it!

                                The lights shining from the choir looked like the stars.

Lucy                       I quite liked when we were all messing around doing the Mexican Wave during the rehearsals – it took 12 seconds for it to reach NN from the other side.

                                We are hoping to get Urban strides in to school to teach us some moves!

Emily S                  I liked it when everyone banged their feet to welcome the special people.

Ella S                     I enjoyed trying to spot where the NN parents were! Thanks to Mrs Stewart, we were able to spot the mini-light sabres…

Ella T                     I couldn’t believe that there were 6289 people and that was only the children!

Abby                      I liked Mrs Shepherd’s and Mrs Shephard’s dancing!

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