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Term One, Week Two

The best laid plans… When the Government has a great idea, like the Schools Information Regulations 2012, I think that they tend to forget small primaries, where heads have teaching commitments, and consider secondary schools only, where it seems to me there is greater capacity to enact the latest requirements. We are well on the way to posting our entire curriculum on-line, but are not quite there yet, despite a commitment in the newsletter. The weekend was not long enough! Ministers assure schools that this is what Parents want, so do please have a look from time to time so that I know the time and effort has been worth it. You can find a link to the curriculum from each class page.

An excellent week, this week. Y6 had the South Cerney trip, and the Head Teachers of the Tyndale Cluster, of which we are part, met for the day to discuss cluster business and manage the new changes that are upon us. I also taught for a half-day in Class 2, a half day in Class 4 and a whole day in Class 1. These are regular timetabled commitments from me, so I need to squeeze in a session with Class 3. As a head Teacher I think it important to spend time in each class, since a relationship with each individual child is at the heart of all that we do.

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