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Term One, Week Three


Assembly started and finished on time! All the bookbags were ready to go, stuffed full of numerous letters and forms, and our scarecrow for the annual village festival is outside now. Well done Class 3 for your excellent work on this project. Resplendent in his Union Jack trunks, the straw-and-sacking Tom Daley is captured mid-dive as he heads towards an Olympic pool. A crowd of spectators roar him on, and the flags are waving proudly.

We’ve celebrated success in school too. Year 6 were collectively awarded the Mid-Day Supervisor’s certificate for their care and consideration for their Reception buddies. Next week the Reception children begin their first week of full-time school. Ask around and I think you’ll find many schools stagger their new starters in such a manner that full-time is yet some way off. Teaching in Class 1 has enabled me to see how quickly the children have settled and how they are now beginning to ‘jell’ as a group.

And I did get to teach Class 3 (see my comments last time). I have an afternoon with them on a fortnightly basis, teaching Information Technology (if it’s working, which this week it wasn’t) and R.E.

I think I will enjoy blogging. It forces me to look back and reflect on my time with the children, rather than constantly looking forward, worried that I’ll miss the next deadline. There are so many of those that it’s easy to lose sight of the important moments.
Have a great weekend!

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