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Term Two, Week Two

(Belated posting)
This week was all about preparing for the Italian ‘mobility’ – a visit to another school in our international art project. Actually, that’s not quite true. Most of this week was spent working at near double-pace in order to get on top of work that I would not be doing because I was going to meet the Comenius partners. I didn’t quite manage it all, hence the belated posting here. Packing at home was a very last-minute affair, and far too many jumpers found their way into my suitcase. I scraped the ice off the car on Sunday morning (-2.5 degrees) and spent the rest of the week in a ‘t’-shirt (unless I was meeting Italian dignitaries!) Standing in Stansted Airport on 11th of the 11th, observing the 2 minute silence, was a very strange experience. For the first time in many years, we were not able to hold a time of remembrance at school due to the way the date falls.

Miss Wright and Mrs Lewis came too and it was most interesting to learn how other countries organise their learning.
The partners were most impressed with the art work our children had done, and good progress was made within the project itself, in preparation for the final mobility next April. I now have another ‘to-do’ list! We have returned with multiple pieces of art from our partners, which will be exhibited within the ‘Grand Exhibition’ planned for next year.

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