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Term Two, Week One

Just a quick update to praise the work of FONNS. I attended the Frog Race on Saturday and was absolutely astonished by the amount of money raised to support the children. Thank you everyone who planned this, who  publicised the event, sold tickets, moved furniture, cooked and served, as well as contributing to the fund raising in financial ways. And what fun too! Photographs are available on the FONNS page of the website, and you can be sure no animals were hurt in the making of our merriment! Read more in the newsletter on Friday.

Term 2 Week One
One again the school community have pulled out all the stops to support us in the run up to our Open Day. The school looks fabulous, and the decoration in Classroom One and surrounding corridors have lifted the place no end. Thank you all, including  those staff who worked in the half-term on site to make all ready for the children on Monday. More in the newsletter on Friday.

It’s been another busy week with appointments and meetings alongside regular teaching. The latest Government statistical release (2012) has made clear that we continue to do extremely well –

Attainment in Reading at Key Stage One is “Significantly above average” (Second year running)
Attainment in Writing at Key Stage One is “Significantly above average” (Second year running)
Attainment in Maths at Key Stage One is “Significantly above average” (Third year running)
Attainment in ENGLISH at Key Stage Two is “Significantly above average” (Third year running)
Attainment in MATHS at Key Stage Two is “Significantly above average” (Third year running)
Attainment in ALL SUBJECTS at Key Stage Two is “Significantly above average”. (FIFTH YEAR RUNNING)

Progress in ENGLISH at Key Stage Two is “Significantly above expectations” (Second year running)
Progress in MATHS at Key Stage Two is “Significantly above expectation” (Second year running)

It’s a privilege to work alongside such capable staff, and it allows us to enrich the curriculum in many ways – to enjoy ‘the icing on the cake’, knowing that teaching and learning is in such expert hands. The Comenius project probably comes under the ‘icing on the cake’ heading, and preparation continues for the forthcoming international meeting in Italy (11th to 15th November). The children are preparing a single piece of art (an extract) to contribute to a massive, collaborative picture. We are repeating this image ten times over, so that our partners in each country will be able to take the completed image home.

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