Required Reading

As Governors or Staff Members, there are a number of documents that are ‘required reading’, and these change periodically as part of a cyclical review by government, the DfE, Ofsted and others.

This page allows for the easy collation of ‘read receipts’ , part of the evidence-building required to satisfy our own responsibilities and provide evidence for external scrutiny.

We committed to reading the following (and you can follow the links to any ‘missing’ documents):


January 2020      Safer Working Practices in Education (2019)

February 2020    Image-Use Permissions 2020 GDPR (This needs to be returned directly).

March 2020         Child Protection Policy & Safeguarding (2020)

April 2020            Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) – Staff only

(COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown)

Sept 2020             Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020)


Oct 2020               Staff Code of Conduct (2020)   

Nov 2020               Acceptable Use Policy (2020)       (Short!)

(The following documents are not yet available)

Nov 2020               Schools’ response to children who go missing (2020)

Dec 2020               Behaviour Policy (2020)

Jan 2021               Staff Handbook (for 2021) – Staff only

Feb 2021               Health and Safety Policy (2020)

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