Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and celebrate

learning, achievement, faith and fun.

Ours is a school that works in partnership with the community to enable and equip each child to live life to the full*, reflecting the Christian values of our foundation.

 *The Gospel of John, Chapter 10 Verse 10.


We will realise our Vision by:

  • providing a happy, healthy and secure environment where all are respected, valued and encouraged to contribute
  • encouraging participation and a love of learning by offering experiences full of opportunity and creativity, so that every child fulfils their academic potential
  • demonstrating, as a church school, our Christian values in action
  • pursuing excellence in every aspect of school life, supporting one another and celebrating the achievements of all

Our School Vision was drafted in 2014, the school’s 250th year, incorporating the ideas and priorities of children, staff, parents governors and the wider community.

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I encourage you to browse around our website, you will find details of school events, visitors and activities that serve to enliven the curriculum, alongside information about our after school clubs and extra curricular activities in which your children can participate.


The School aims, through the breadth and diversity of its subjects and activities:

  • to promote the highest academic standards in all aspects of the curriculum by ensuring that all pupils develop their potential;
  • to encourage learning by providing a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment in which Christian values are central to the ethos of the school and its teaching.
  • to show concern and care, through a strong sense of Christian values, for all members of the school community;
  • to encourage the children to question, challenge, use their own initiative and develop lively and enquiring minds
  • to nurture links between school, home, parish and the local community;
  • to use the financial resources at our disposal to provide good accommodation and surroundings and the highest possible levels of staff and equipment.