Our Curriculum – Personal Development

This page details our programme and expectations for developing independence as learners.

Leaning Independence Age-related expectation Classes 1 & 2 Age-related expectation Class 3 Age-related expectation Class 4
Independent Study Skills Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Listen carefully and respond to unrelated instructions Chose a book from the school library independently Be able to start work independently in the morning Have an awareness of time constraints Complete tasks set in given time Assess their own work and understand the achievement of others
Select resources independently Work with few reminders about daily routine Interpret written instruction independently Aim to complete all work Be aware of standards and know what they have to do to achieve them Skim/scan, make/take notes
Use teacher pre-selected materials to obtain independent support Find own resources Set personal targets Begin to organise own time Use computers independently Use more than one source of information when researching
Follow simple written instructions Follow written instructions without prompting Work cooperatively with/help other pupils Write own comments in reading record books Be able to make/take notes Collate information from a variety of sources
Obtain information from pictures, artefacts and simple charts Work with a partner to check/review work Manage own reading/ library book Organise and keep all work carefully Write questions as a basis for research Structure research findings appropriately
Use the class library independently Be able to apply class/school rules Keep reading records up to date Be able to access information from a variety of sources Research information and collate
Use spelling aids Put date on all work With support, write questions as a basis of research
Obtain information from pictures, captions, artefacts, simple charts and diagrams Put name on all loose paperwork Start to be able to take/make notes
Obtain information from simple texts Obtain information from artefacts, simple charts, text and diagrams justifying what they think with reference to the source
Start to locate information with support
Independent Personal Organisational Skills Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Be aware of personal belongings and those of others Fasten own shoelaces Remember PE kit Organise at the beginning of the day so that all equipment needed is in the classroom and accessible Follow rules without supervision Be independent
Follow instructions promptly Go to the toilet/get a drink at the appropriate times Leave clothes tidily before PE Hand in all work appropriately Help younger children with problems Make choices for their own lives
Be secure in dressing skills Be careful of personal belongings and be able to find them Get changed for PE in a reasonable amount of time Settle to all tasks quickly and sensibly
Be able to help others to dress/work cooperatively with peers before asking an adult Move around the school with care and respect for the environment Hand in homework on time Hand in work without reminder
Be able to manage daily routine Prepare for the day independently, settling quickly in the morning and after lunch
Be responsible for book bag and all its contents including any school notes Ensure musical instruments are in the right place at the right time
Show respect for the personal space of others
School Responsibilities Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Ask designated person for help before asking the teacher Settle to work Keep cloakroom areas tidy Be able to choose from a range of tools/materials/ equipment and justify decisions Keep corridors tidy Organise events for the school
Start next activity independently when appropriate Collect, be responsible for and put away equipment Be responsible for care of equipment and personal belongings and put away appropriately Organise classroom for change of use Get out folders and file marked work in correct place and return Support others in use of the library
Complete allocated tidying up jobs appropriately Complete tasks on time Return all resources used to correct place Clear art equipment and store in correct place Welcome visitors to the school when appropriate
Use toilets at break times if possible Listen and follow instructions and directions Prepare hall for assemblies
Complete tasks within an appropriate amount of time Talk quietly while working Check school doors are secure
Find own books and put away after use
Place loose work in folder
Title, date and label work
Follow class and school routines independently without reminders

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Mixed-age classes require us to roll our topics around on a two or three year cycle. You can see the broad areas covered in our long-term topic plans below.