At North Nibley, our duty to keep children safe is our top priority.

We publish a page on Staying Safe Online HERE.

We expect all adults working with us, as staff or volunteers, to follow our safeguarding measures.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection policies can be found on our policy page here – Our Policies.

Upon induction, the following measures (amongst others) are explain and are a condition of support or employment.


  • including new staff, student teachers, volunteers and governors, will need to prove their identity. DBS and Prohibition checks may also be required, as appropriate to the role. This is a condition of employment or support.
  • Will know the requirement, to comply with our Safeguarding and Child Protection arrangements, Local Authority and school “Codes of conduct”, Confidentiality measures (including GDPR), Equalities legislation and ‘Whistle-blowing’ procedures.
  • Will be given a copy of the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance – which they need to read, sign and return


  • Will be given a copy of the latest “Safer Working Practices.” – which they need to read, sign and return


  • Will receive an introduction to staff and children.
  • Will be told about our ‘lanyard’ system and be offered a tour of the premises (a plan is available online)
  • Will have the fire warning system explained, know what to do if a fire is discovered, the location of fire fighting equipment, means of escape explained, including how locks on doors, and over-rides, are actuated and assembly point after evacuation shown
  • Will be reminded of the importance of keeping fire exits and heaters free from obstruction
  • Will be reminded of General Health and Safety precautions and our Risk Assessments
  • Will have safe systems of work explained, including lone working, lifting, handling, ladder access and the use of portable electrical appliances
  • Will be told about First Aid facilities and the procedures for reporting accidents. First Aiders will be identified.

Appropriate to their role, an adult may recieve

  • A copy of the school’s Acceptable Use Policy – which they need to read, sign and return
  • A copy of ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ – which they need to read, sign and return


  • Will know about the importance of Children Missing From Education


  • Will gain online access to the school’s policy documents including the policies on; Behaviour, Child Protection, Whistle-Blowing and Confidentiality, Equalities Schemes, Positive Handling (Physical Intervention), KCSiE (parts 1 & 2), SEN and the Church of England’s Statement of Entitlement
  • Will understand the requirement to evidence up-to-date training in Child Protection, Prevent and FGM, as a condition of employment.

 See also our page on Early Help