Governors – Leadership and Management

This page describes the work of the Leadership and Management Committee.

Terms of Reference:


  1. To ensure the Governing body is working strategically towards achieving the school’s vision
  2. To agree, by early in the autumn term, the programme of work for the Governing Body and its committees for the school year
  1. To draft and keep under review the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher and the Finance committee especially following a vacancy and at least annually in relation to the school improvement plan
  2. To review and develop staffing policies as required by the school’s Policy Review schedule
  3. To oversee the recruitment and appointment procedure for all staff
  4. To agree membership and procedures for staff appointment panels
  5. To keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence.
  6. To oversee the process leading to staff changes
  7. To review and approve the county model staff Pay Policy and to be responsible for its administration and review, taking account of local and national developments
  8. To establish and review a Performance Management policy for all staff
  9. To monitor the performance management process
  10. To ensure the performance of all staff is reviewed annually in accordance with legislation.
  11. To ensure the performance review of the Head Teacher takes place
  12. To ensure an annual review of staff pay takes place
  13. To ensure any appeal against a decision on pay grading or pay awards takes place**
  14. To lead a process regarding new governor appointments
  1. To ensure that Governors have clear understanding of their role & responsibilities and the contribution they can make to both supporting and challenging the school, including an awareness of training opportunities
  2. To evaluate the use made of the schools INSET and training budget for staff and Governors
  3. To establish and keep under review arrangements for Governors’ visits to school
  4. To make recommendations to the Governing Body to establish exceptional working arrangements where particular circumstances arise
  1. To make recommendations on personnel related expenditure to the Finance Committee
  2. To ensure that statutory information is provided in an accurate and timely manner to parents and to the community (e.g. via website and other means)
  3. To ascertain the views and needs of parents and carers to inform the school development plan (e.g. via parent survey)
  4. To monitor school attendance
  5. To monitor the School Improvement Plan priorities in areas of Leadership and Management.

*The Headteacher Performance Review Group is formed from some  members of this Committee and other governors who have received the appropriate training

** In the event of an appeal the Governing body will convene an appeals panel in accordance with the Pay Policy procedures.


The scheduling of planned work may be seen in this planner from 2017-2018. Policies and other documents on (e.g.) 3-year programmes of review may differ.

North Nibley sequence of planned work – all committees


Please refer to the Governor’s Register of Interests HERE

Other details

These terms of reference agreed  January 2018
Quorum  3, plus the Head Teacher 


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