A temporary page to support migration to Office 365 for Governor business.

In line with our understanding of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we have created an email address specifically for Governor business. In due course this email address will also enable you to access other online services we hope to develop to facilitate improved work-flow, document management and perhaps even decision making! I see three stages to this migration – 

Stage One – Email

Stage Two – OneDrive

Stage Three – Teams and/or SharePoint.

One step at a time!


You will need to browse to the website –

You will need your email address and password as supplied on a recent letter. (If you choose to change your password, you become responsible for remembering what you chose!)

This video might help you with the signing in process. I have book-marked my links and my laptop remembers my ‘credentials’ to speed up the process of logging in. You will see that I have access to several accounts. This will be no different to a governor who also accesses Office365 through work. Just choose the right one!