Governor Committees & Annual Work Plan


We have 2 main committees which meet each term. Different groups of governors serve on each committee, and each committee has ‘terms of reference’ which describe their work.

Teaching, Learning & Community (TLC)

TLC meet at least 6 times per year.

Terms of Reference Teaching & Learning 2020-21

Finance and Resources (F&R)

F&R meet at least 6 times per year.

Terms of Reference F&R 2020-21 – Adopted 2021-01-06


An ‘Admissions’ panel meets on an annual basis.

Terms of Reference Admissions 2020-21 AGREED


A Governor is appointed to monitor pupil attendance

Terms of Reference Attendance 2020-21 AGREED


At least 2 governor are appointed to monitor safeguarding

Terms of Reference Safeguarding AGREED


Additionally, a ‘strategy’ group, to which all governors are invited, meets regularly to explore a wide variety of issues and opportunities in greater depth than is usually allowed for by the committee agendas.


The scheduling of planned work may be seen in this ‘working document’ which includes a review cycle for our statutory policies.

Annual Planner – ALL Committees 2021-01-07 (Working document)