Girls’ success in football tournament

The team write “On Tuesday the 12th of October girls from North Nibley went to KLB for a friendly football tournament. In our first game we were up against Hillesley. Our usual goalie had pulled a muscle, so another team member bravely stepped in. Sophie and Tilly were strikers, Skye and Louisa were midfield and Rachael and Aoifa were defenders. Amazingly Skye scored 2 goals, Tilly scored 1 and Sophie scored 1 although it didn’t count because Hillesley started in the wrong places. Altogether for this game the score was 3 nil. Our next game was against Coaley. Our goalie felt better and could handle being in goal. We scored 4 goals and we won without them scoring any. The last game we played was against the British school . They won 5 nil. It was a good game and we got so close to scoring but the final whistle went. Over all we came 2nd out of 4 schools and we all enjoyed our selves.” Well done everyone who played.

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