Girl’s Football Tournament 2013

The girls wrote the following recount in-between matches!


On Friday 1st March 2013 the team played a football tournament at Stratford Leisure Centre. In our first match we lost against Bussage, 3-0, and in the next against Mrs Mead’s old school – Uley – we lost 2-0, but we were beginning to get better. We played well against Amberley and by now had a formation which we kept for the remainder of the tournament. We thought we might draw but an unlucky bounce of a leg resulted in an own goal, and then another shot also slipped passed our goal-keeper’s hands. 2-0. We were then ‘rested’ for a long time, and returned to the pitch for our best game yet against Eastington. We only let in one goal – proof we were getting better! 1-0. Against Cahes Green, which is a big school, we managed a 0-0 draw and in our final game we lost 2-0 to Woodchester.


Although quite disappointed, we were really pleased with the effort we had put in and the enthusiasm with which we chased after the ball. We learnt lots too and want to thank the organisers and our supporters who cheered and encouraged us.


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