Book Lists – North Nibley C of E Primary School


This school year we are setting a rather special reading challenge!  The aim is to help children develop a love of reading, and 
increase the time spent reading for pleasure.

We are asking children to read a large number of  books from our list of highly recommended ‘classics’.

8 books = BRONZE AWARD
16 books = SILVER AWARD
25 books – GOLD AWARD

Children need to choose a title from the list inside and add a ‘start date’. When they have completed it each book needs to be 
‘signed off’  by an adult, either at home or at school.

For children attempting books on the 4-5, and 6-8 year old book lists (a guide only), we will allow some books to be read aloud by an adult or other capable reader, but we strongly encourage all our helpers to engage in quality discussion with the children over the themes, structure, plot and characterisation within their reading.
We have provided some good questions to help you to think about these aspects as each child makes progress in the challenge. Please ask if you cannot find a copy, or download one from our website, 
so that you make the most of this year’s challenge.

Children on this list may want to ‘dip’ into titles on the younger or older list. That’s OK too.

We are hoping to provide access to many of these titles ourselves, but please feel encouraged to use your own books, the library and other sources including e-readers. We are hoping to purchase additional books, but won’t say no to a donation if you feel strongly over any title – perhaps a personal favourite?

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