Archery – We are County Champions!




Archery Team

The mixed Y5/6 team consisted of Dylan, Spencer, Libby, Jordan, Jack, Leah, Nieve, Holly and Amelia. Libby and Spencer also took part in the individual’s competition. Millie said “Some of us had butterflies in our stomach when we first arrived, because it was the County Finals.” Holly agreed that “It meant a lot to us.” Nieve said “At first I shot too far, but then I got the hang of it.” Millie added “After my turn we had moved up to second place.” Jordan thought the event was a good event because she scored a bull’s eye! Leah said “We had a very good time and when the final scores were announced I felt really excited.” Dylan was responsible for taking the final shoot in a tie-break situation. “I felt really nervous. I knew that if I scored closest to the bulls-eye we would win. When I saw we had won I congratulated the other team and then ran around with excitement!” You can read further comments online here –




and here  http://www.activegloucestershire.org/blog–gloucestershire-school-ga_2.asp

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