Aladdin Trouble – photo slideshow


Once again the juniors worked their magic, enchanting the audiences with their rendition of ‘Aladdin Trouble’. Once again there was abundant talent on display – dancing, acting and singing (in 3 part harmonies!) and we were able to share out some of the lead roles. This year the costumes were simply scrumptious, and great fun was had with the props! Congratulations go to all the performers, and the committed staff who work so hard to pull it all together. One of the most precious comments received this year was the one that said. “You can tell from the children’s response to the staff how much they appreciate all that is done for them.” It’s lovely being appreciated, and absolutely our pleasure to help the children on to their success. I believe we were just in time to make the press for ‘On The Edge’ too – in colour no less!

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